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At May Veterinary, we strive to provide the best veterinary care for pets by using state-of-the-art equipment, advanced diagnostics, and modern medical techniques. In addition to offering a comprehensive set of veterinary services, our doctors also focus on specific specialty care areas to improve our overall standard of care for all our pet families.


Dogs and cats are susceptible to numerous skin disorders, e.g. hair loss, autoimmune skin disease, severe allergies, etc. Common symptoms of skin disease include constant itching, scratching, and biting of irritated skin around the face, ears, armpits, groin, and feet. We can help diagnose your pet’s skin condition and prescribe the right treatment and medication to get them feeling better.


Ear infections and diseases are of special interest to all of our doctors. Allergies are often the underlying cause of ear infections, leading to inflammation and itch which is very uncomfortable for pets. Ear mites are also common causes of ear infections in cats.

If you notice your pet is aggressively scratching, or has ear odor/discharge, please bring them in for a checkup. Long term ear infections require special treatment to prevent reoccurrence and stop the disease from penetrating further into the ear canal.

Feline Internal Medicine

Dr. Chris Gladney and Dr. Trisha Creamer offers specialty care for cats at May Veterinary. Feline internal diseases include urinary tract infections, kidney disease, feline asthma, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism. Cats also get various forms of cancer.

Please bring your cat in for an exam if you notice signs of diarrhea, lack of appetite, urinary incontinence, and abnormal changes in behavior.

If you think your pet needs specialty veterinary care, please call us to learn more about our puppy and kitten veterinary services or make an appointment.

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