Ultrasound for Pets

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May Veterinary is proud to offer pet ultrasound exams at our Northridge location. An ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging technique that helps veterinarians diagnose and treat internal medical conditions in animals. The procedure is quick and painless and is an efficient diagnostic veterinary tool.

Ultrasound technology provides a picture of your pet’s internal workings using sound waves to create clear images. Unlike radiography, ultrasound does not involve radiation which makes it a safer option for your pet. In addition, ultrasounds produce images quickly, which means we can rule out certain medical issues and avoid the need for surgery in emergency situations.

We use veterinary ultrasound for:

  • Reproductive exams to determine pregnancy
  • Abdominal exams to look for fluid, masses and/or obstructions
  • Respiratory exams to evaluate overall heart function
  • Renal exams to check for kidney/bladder stones

At May Veterinary, ultrasound allows us to examine your pet’s organs for any abnormalities or unexplained changes. The resulting images also help us decide if additional diagnostic tests are needed. Your pet shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. We do shave an area of their hair or fur so that the ultrasound wand is in direct contact with the skin and some pets may need to be sedated for the procedure.

We will explain the ultrasound process before we proceed to make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure. We also recommend that your pet not eat before the exam. Eating introduces air into the abdomen and ultrasound waves cannot pass through air.

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